• Can foreign nationals own property in Egypt?
    Yes, Foreigners can buy property in Egypt – lease hold for 99 years.
  • Do I need a visa?
    You don’t need a visa to buy property but you must have a visa to live here.
  • How much it will cost me to register my property?
    Property registration approx price is 5000 LE.
  • How can I register my property?
    Apartment’s registration is carried out through a professional lawyer. He is doing all the registration procedures in several authorities.
  • Can Diamond Properties register my property?
    There is no relation between Diamond Properties and the apartment registration. But we have company’s legal department with professional lawyers in the real estate registration field.
  • How much time it will take to register my property?
    The registration procedures take 6-8 months maximum.
  • Can I rent this property (as a foreigner after buying it)?
    It’s possible to the foreigner to rent his property to anyone after buying it without any restrictions.
  • How much do I have to pay as taxes if I rented the apartment weather furnished or unfurnished?   
    There are no taxes to pay for renting the apartment in Egypt.
  • What is the legal shape of the contract when I rent a furnished apartment?
    The professional lawyer in the real estate field has distinct contracts that have a legal power to protect the apartment owner.
  • Can we get insurance in Egypt?
    Yes, there are recognized insurance companies operating in Egypt.
  • Are the properties sold furnished or unfurnished?
    All properties are new and sold unfurnished however we will be glad to provide special furniture packages for our clients.
  • Can I sell my property before completion?
    Yes, but we advise you to sell after completion to maximize your return.